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 Why Redmond for Business

Redmond benefits from a unique partnership between local government, business and the community, to create a truly “business friendly” environment. This ecosystem allows big business to access a richly skilled, technology-savvy workforce while the encouraging smaller businesses to flourish and grow. A number of world renowned Global 500 corporations already call Redmond home including Microsoft, Genie, Aerojet, Honeywell, Nintendo, and AT&T. They, along with other national and globally recognized names, employ hundreds of thousands in the Puget Sound Region.

 Why Live in Redmond

Redmond fosters a thriving and innovative community. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and surrounded by the Puget Sound region, Redmond is fast becoming the place to be for culture, cuisine and overall quality of life. Continuously being developed by the City of Redmond, its community-based lifestyle and vast accessibility to outdoor recreational opportunities makes Redmond the place where residents expect to stay for generations. Locally-based, world-class educational institutions help staff the city’s leading-edge employers, making Redmond an ideal destination for the most dynamic and diverse companies.

 Why Partner with OneRedmond

OneRedmond is laser focused on achieving a measurable goal of creating the best place to live and work in the United States. This intentional objective is a responsibility not borne by just government, community or business but requires a commitment by all three working together. To enjoy continued prosperity, OneRedmond is creating an environment that fosters business-to-business engagement resulting in more money staying in the region to create jobs and support community infrastructure and resources. Does your business have a seat at the OneRedmond table?

 OneRedmond's Competitive Edge Leadership Series


Competitive Edge Leadership Series 2015
Empowering small businesses to be more competitive


OneRedmond brings you the Competitive Edge Leadership Series designed to equip you and your small business to compete and grow in today's global economy. Within each two-hour session, you will walk away with customized, tangible solutions in the areas of leadership, planning, growth, infrastructure and financials. Using our unique accountability process, OneRedmond will help keep you on target and connect you with resources to assist if needed.


  • Leadership Session: Founder to CEO – February 26, 2015

Has your company outgrown your ability to lead? As a founder, you need to be a technician, manager, and a leader. The leadership transition to CEO is required when the majority of your day is spent working on the business vs in the business. If you are not equipped your company may suffer in profitability, employee turnover and customer attrition. This two-hour session will help you be that CEO that works the majority of the day on the business.


Session Facilitator- Dr. Eric Scroggins

  • Planning – 50,000 Feet to Ground Level – March 26, 2015                         
  • Growth – Marketing and Sales – April 23, 2014                                
  • Infrastructure – People and Processes – May 28, 2015
  • Financial – Management Below the Bottom Line and Investing Growth – June 25, 2015


The Robert & Elizabeth Pantley Scholarship

These scholarships will pay for a limited number of qualified small businesses to attend sessions in this series. To help be a catalyst for small business growth, OneRedmond has developed this leadership series designed to assist small businesses in developing core business skills, best practices, and entrepreneurship. Scholarship applicants must be business founders and executives with 3-20 employees. To apply for this scholarship please complete the application below and return to​

Click here to download applicationScholarship Application for the Competitive Edge Session.pdf


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