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Request for Qualifications and Proposals -OneRedmond Capital Campaign


OneRedmond is a public/ private partnership supporting the economic and community development of Redmond, Washington, a suburban community in the Seattle metropolitan area. OneRedmond was founded in 2012 through the consolidation of three previous organizations: Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce, Redmond Economic Development Association and Realize Redmond, a 501 3(c) charitable entity. OneRedmond was tasked with implementing an aggressive economic and community development program. It was funded through a capital campaign that secured annual commitments of $566,700 from 30 investors over the 5 year term of the campaign. Today, as a result of investor attrition, in year 4 of the campaign, OneRedmond expects to receive $492,550 from 59 investors. OneRedmond has recruited a professional staff, designed and executed an aggressive cluster based economic development strategy and attracted significant program funding from JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

OneRedmond is evaluating its funding options to replace the current campaign that ends 12/31/16. The goal is to secure $1 million per year for program and operational support. The Board is open to consider all funding strategies including the potential of a second multi-year campaign.

OneRedmond is seeking statements of interest and proposals from to help us prepare for a capital campaign and explore what financial goals might be feasible within a capital campaign.

The Schedule

January 1, 2016 – RFP issued.
February 1 – Proposals due by close of business.
February 10 – Interviewees selected and notified by telephone; other firms notified of decision by e-mail.
March 1 – Consultant presentations to Selection Committee
TBD Presenters notified of Selection Committee decision by telephone/ e-mail.
TBD Consultant engagement commences

Proposal Format and Requirements:

Please address the following topics in order in a proposal of seven pages or less. You may submit additional information on your firm, but only the proposal itself will be submitted initially to the Selection Committee. Other material will be supplied at their request.

Firm Capabilities:

• Services provided by your firm relative to a feasibility study and to a capital campaign.
• What other resources does your firm have available (either through other staff or affiliations with others)?
• Experience with similar projects (size, type of organization, size of community, etc.).

Feasibility Study:

• Describe your feasibility study process. How long will the study take to complete?
• What information and recommendations will be included in the Feasibility Study Report?
• What are your expectations of OneRedmond staff, CEO, and Board members during the feasibility study process?
• At the conclusion of the study process, will you share with us what each interviewee said to the best of your ability?
• What will you charge to perform this feasibility study? Please include estimates of consultant travel and expenses, as well as any limitations on your time/travel that might cause us to pay more than your original proposal.
• If we select you, what will your first step be?
• Do you need us to provide office space?

Track Record and References:

• Please provide us with a complete client list.
• Are you presently doing any work in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area? If so, who and where? In order to avoid conflicts-of-interest with competing campaigns, would you agree to give us the “right of approval” over any clients you might work with in our geographic area (if we retain your services)?
• What makes your firm “right” for us, and better than other firms/individuals we could select?

Deadline and Submission

Proposals are due in no later than close of business on February 1, 2016 to Heidi Archer, Director of Investor Relations, OneRedmond, 8383 158th Ave NE, Suite 225, Redmond, WA 98052. Please provide us with 5 copies proposals. Please also provide a copy in electronic format.

For additional information, please call or email: Heidi Archer, 425-885-4014, ext. 105; heidia@oneredmond.org.