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The next generation of space exploration and travel is being led by firms based in Redmond and Washington State.  Redmond’s Aerojet powered the Mars Exploration Rover and NEAR-Shoemaker missions. Planetary Resources is developing the technology to mine asteroids to fuel later space missions. These and other firms rely on the ability to recruit and retain a talented engineering and computer science rich workforce. In the words of Carl Sagan “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” The answers are being discovered by firms in Redmond.

Space Industry Hub Employment


Aerospace Engineering Talent Pool



Industrial Engineering
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Mechanical Engineering
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Mechanical Drafter
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Electrical Engineering
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  • Redmond Seattle / Redmond
  • SanJose San Jose
  • SanFran San Francisco
  • Houston Houston
  • Dallas Dallas
  • Boston Chicago
  • PDX Boston
  • Austin Portland
  • Chicago Austin

Select Wages for Interactive Media

Job Title Hourly Wage Annual Wage Top 10% Wage
Architecture & Engineering Occupations $42.27 $87,920 $131,110
Aerospace Engineers $50.76 $105,590 $145,080
Civil Engineers $41.39 $86,090 $119,450
Electrical Engineers $48.50 $100,890 $142,470
Industrial Engineers $43.86 $91,230 $121,520
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Job Title Hourly Wage Annual Wage Top 10% Wage
Mechanical Engineers $45.06 $93,730 $135,130
Electrical & Electronics Drafters $37.08 $77,130 $104,310
Mechanical Drafters $35.97 $74,820 $102,730
Drafters, All Other $23.57 $49,030 $67,910
Aerospace Engineering & Operations Technicians $33.36 $69,400 $93,400
Mechanical Engineering Technicians $30.32 $63,070 $88,270
Computer & Mathematical Occupations $48.95 $101,820 $147,610
Computer Systems Analysts $47.73 $99,290 $140,560
Information Security Analysts $46.78 $97,290 $124,510
Computer Programmers $55.15 $114,710 $162,440
Software Developers, Applications $54.20 $112,740 $143,540
Software Developers, Systems Software $53.40 $111,070 $150,230
Database Administrators $44.44 $92,440 $127,980
Network & Computer Systems Administrators $40.20 $83,610 $117,950
Computer Network Architects $52.48 $109,160 $147,770
Computer User Support Specialists $28.85 $60,000 $108,330
Computer Occupations, All Other $34.41 $71,580 $114,890
Research Operations Analysts $41.26 $85,820 $117,650

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Taxes and Incentives

Businesses in the aerospace industry may be eligible for one or more of Washington’s aerospace tax incentives.

Firms in the space industry may be eligible for one or more of Washington’s aerospace tax incentives:

Manufacturers and processors for hire of commercial airplanes or their component parts

Non-manufacturers engaged in aerospace product development

Certificated FAR repair stations making retail sales

Aerospace tooling manufacturers

Some of the available incentives include:

Reduced business and occupation (B&O) tax rate for aerospace businesses

B&O tax credit for preproduction development expenditures

B&O tax credit for property/leasehold taxes paid on qualified buildings and equipment

Sales and use tax exemption on computer hardware, software and peripherals

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